Security is a big issue, most business owners and/or managers know this and keep it in mind, but some wait till they are personally affected by the shortcomings of security policies before they take the issue seriously. With our experience we have had to secure networks and software to meet Department of Defense regulations. Always staying up to date in the 'hackers' world allows us to see networks and software at a whole new angle, giving us an edge to see potential issues before they become problems. As security experts we take security serious in every task we complete to fit the needs of the particular project. It's easy to keep the bad guys out. Until you want to let the good guys in. It is important to understand how to balance security with efficiency.


You may not need the tightest security, or every possible scenario worked out for every little project. We can evaluate project goals along with the perspective team and budget to determine what will be the most efficient way to reach the goal, while saving the most man hours and money. We know that project benefits have to far outweigh their costs, or else it would be virtually useless. I enjoy observing the way an organization does day to day business and developing a plan to decrease man hours with today's technology allowing the organization to decrease man hours and increase the profit margin.


Microsoft may have the majority of web users using it's browser to surf the web, but what about the other visitors that you may have. With customer less then fifty-nine percent of the visitors use Microsoft Internet Explorer. This is mainly due to Firefox's increased popularity. With twenty-five thousand unique visitors, over ten-thousand people would not be able to use this site if it was coded only for IE like many organizations do. Browser compatibility is not the only issues though. You also have to take into account the many different firewall configurations as well as the countless number of other factors that are involved. We ensure that all projects we are involved with will hold up to as many platforms as possible.

Code Compliance

Code compliance is very important, although it is estimated that over ninety percent of web sites are not up to standards. This is often overlooked by lazy developers that don't want to spend the extra time to learn how to do things right the first time. Some coders say that it is a hassle and not worth the time, but if you learn how to do it right the first time, it will save you many headaches in the future. For example, proper coding:

  • Increases your search engine ranking
  • Creates less routine maintenance
  • Ensures your site will still work with new Browser versions, service pack updates, or even new operating systems.

Object Oriented

By efficiently developing your code into objects, it allows you to reuse much of your code over and over with few modifications and without having to spend the extra time reinventing the wheel. This type of programming is common among experienced coders, but not often used to its full potential. Utilizing our techniques enables us to complete projects faster then most coders.

Customer Service

Customer service should not be something that is dreaded. Our professional attitude allows us to provide great customer service, keeping the other teem members informed, and keeping everyone involved educated in order to lower the number of calls and increase your pocketbook.